Star Wars: Desperate Fringe

Moan, Skitter, BOOM!

Out of the frying pan, into the electrical webbing.

Fighting a feeling of forboding in favor of cash, our heroes ventured down into the depths of the mining tunnles in response to a distress call. There they began working to remove the rubble from a cave-in, creating a man (or Twi’lek or droid) size hole in the rubble. Just as they were pulling one of the survivors out, his arm decided to make the trip without his body, revealing him to be some kind of android or replicant.

The party didn’t have time to ponder this shocking development, though, as they were soon joined by some of the missing miners. These newcomers had more brutish murder than earnest labor in mind, though, and began beating on members of the colony staff. Cut off from egress, the party was forced to squeeze through the hole in the rubble they had just created.

On the other side, they cracked open glowsticks and followed the tunnel until it led to a generator room. This would have been fortunate if not for the fact that a new creature had taken up residence in the room: some kind of energy spider. A tense stand-off with the formidable creature ensued, during which the party tried to position itself to escape, but found the room’s exit covered by mysterious webbing.

The spider, who was about to be joined by more of the zombie creatures, eventually decided that enough was enough and went on the offensive. Most of the party tried to hold it back, but their efforts were mostly ineffective and served only to annoy the beast. Just as things were becoming their most dire, 8-88 finished hacking away the fibres blockign their retreat and the party escaped.

Circling back to the tram, the group fought off more of the zombies (now revealed to be colonists under the influence of some kind of parasite) and gunned the tram. Then they stopped it so that allies who had been pulled off could get back on. Then they gunned it again. Then stopped it. Gunned it. Stopped it, then finally broke free of the melee and made for the surface.

Upon returning to the mining operation’s surface base, some members of the party quickly boarded the Luna Moth while others went to retrieve their promised funds from a nearby safe now that its security code was known. This cash grab proceeded mostly without incident, except for the odd appearance of an alien who had apparently been engaged in the act of finishing up some last minute paperwork before fleeing the scene. Perplexed but nevertheless still in a tremendous hurry, the group reconvened on the Luna Moth, which lifted off just in time to avoid an incoming plague of mindless zombies.

And right into the crosshairs of incoming spacecraft!



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