Lucius Caudex

Human Doctor on the run from the law


Human, age 42, male. Lucius has been balding for quite some time, and prefers to keep his head shaved. On his right shoulder is a tattoo of his family seal (a bull-like creature with a rose in its mouth on a field of yellow).


For most of his life, Lucius was a medic in the local military. After years of service, he turned to private practice, serving his local community as best he could. His years of experience in the military, coupled with a generally easy going manner, lead to a very successful career as a doctor. Lucius married a woman named Claudia, and not long after Lucia, his daughter, was born. A few years later, Lucius and Claudia welcomed Marcus into the world, and Lucius felt very content with his lucrative job and loving family.

But soon tragedy struck his home world, in the form of a particularly deadly plague that quickly spread throughout the planet. Lucius did his best to treat as many as he could while scientists searched for a cure. A treatment would eventually come, but it was too late for young Marcus. Lucius spiraled into depression, blaming himself for his son’s death. He grew somewhat distant from his family, allowing his work to consume him. Eventually realizing where his life was heading, he decided he needed to channel his anger and guilt into something more productive, lest he risk alienating himself from everyone and everything he loved.

Lucius began volunteering for off-world medical aid missions, focusing on preventing similar outbreaks that claimed his son. After each mission, Lucius felt he was gaining a bit of his old self back again. And although Claudia and Lucia didn’t relish Lucius’ frequent trips, seeing the spark of life slowly returning to him gave them hope of returning to their former life.

Unfortunately for Lucius a risky mission much farther away from home than he would usually take changed his life forever. Lucius, together with other volunteers, were helping to treat plague victims on a moon with a significant imperial presence. This wasn’t an unheard of event, and usually the imperials would leave the volunteers well enough alone (provided they would also treat any conditions of the soldiers). However, on this particular mission, a Major Sallo Eriston decided that Lucius’s skills would be better served elsewhere. Luring Lucius and his comrade Quintus to his command post with promises of resupply if they treated his soldiers, Major Eriston, had Lucius and Quintus bound and detained for reassignment in Imperial Navy. With Lucius and Quintus each threatened with the life of the other, they each regretfully served their new imperial masters. Major Eriston was eventually reassigned to a more prestigious position, and no longer cared to keep the two doctors in his service. Lucius was dropped off at an imperial detention center, with Quintus’ fate unknown to him.

Lucius was assigned to the staff of a Dr. Cregan Yavok, and forced to treat some of the more troubled patients. Feeling like he would never see his family again, Lucius felt himself sinking back into the dark depression that first gripped him following Marcus’ death. However, Lucius soon learned the story of a prisoner named Tass’odee. The concern Tass’odee often expressed for her sister gave Lucius a new reason to start to care again. Against his better judgment, Tass’odee convinced Lucius to stage an escape from the imperial prison. They hijacked one of the supply ships that was docked at the prison and fled in to try to save Tass’odee’s sister, and for Lucius to have a chance to see his family again.

Lucius Caudex

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