Star Wars: Desperate Fringe

Water we do now?

Session 1

I’ve been neglectful in keeping my logs, and I’ve long lost the excuse of possible imperial pursuit. The more time we spend on the Luna Moth, the more I think I understand why the imperials don’t seem too concerned about us. I suppose I should be happy about this, but perhaps some better planning might have garnered Tass and I more comfortable transport. No sense worrying about that now though.

With our immediate danger behind us (or at least out of view), we have more mundane issues to worry about, namely money. It was the last thing on my mind when I packed what little things I had when leaving the prison. Fortunately, Tass had better presence of mind than I did, and managed to escape with more than a standard kit of gear.

Our group got a little larger in pursuit of finding some personal financing, as we picked up a droid, 8-88, who seemed pretty keen on making a quick exit. His contacts have been solid so far, I just hope it continues when we can eventually make some medical runs to some of the surrounding systems. I can’t believe how bad things have gotten.

The initial meeting with Jerry Halls went well, 8s certainly knows his way around this weird little ecosystem. I was surprised it was something as small as a food and water run, though I suppose we weren’t to be trusted with much else. Despite damn near making a fool out of myself, some of the old bargaining skills came back to me. Or at the very least, I was annoying and stubborn enough to wear down Jerry enough to let us take the cargo on loan, with promises payment with interest on the other end. I’m sure Claudia would have attributed the success to stubbornness. Alternatively, if we can get our hands on some “spice”, we can call it even. Jerry was kind enough to hire some extra muscle to travel with us, a Chiss named Zechxis. Honestly, I never expected I would meet one of their kind in person. He knows his way around a fight, that’s for sure, though I find his eagerness somewhat unsettling. Though I’m sure I’ll become more used to it if he continues to save my life as he has.

Our trip to our delivery destination went well enough; Tass has really taken back to piloting quickly, despite her extended incarceration. Though her landings could use some work, I’m fairly sure we’d be a smoldering mess on the outskirts of town had I needed to take the helm.
This planet is a humanitarian disaster; I can’t imagine why there was ever a settlement here in the first place, at least for organisms that require water. I never expected one of my first acts as a free doctor was drugging myself up so I didn’t feel so damn thirsty. And with a bit of luck, I managed to get 8s’ system to more efficiently handle the harsh climate. I just hope that small bit of wiring that came loose was just spare material.

After working our way through the unfortunate masses of the area, we made contact with Biff the Bith. I give him credit for his professionalism, he struck me as the first honest businessman we’ve run into in a long time. We worked out a delivery time and started to head back to the Luna Moth. Tass managed to “barter” with some of the locals to get some coverings for our supplies, as we were pretty worried about the water drawing some unwanted attention. She’s had to restrain me at least a few times from helping these people. I’m sure her caution is well founded, it’s just difficult for me to see this much suffering in one place. Again.

My companions were more optimistic than I was regarding our chances of pushing supplies of water through the streets uncontested, and rightly so. It seems my instincts to be cautious are ill timed. We ran into someone trying to sell some information on the bounty, though he ran off before we could provide any payment. On our way back to the Drunken Bantha, some dog-like creature seemed to have caught the sight or smell of our water. Fortunately, it probably didn’t have a good game of fetch in a while either, so we were able to give it something else to focus its attention on.

Biff was happy to receive our shipment, even a bit surprised by how quickly we got back to him. We received our agreed upon payment, though our conversation was cut short as we were trying to gain a little information about a local bounty. We were hurried out so quickly, I didn’t get a chance to see if Biff could put in a good word for us with the local fuel merchant.
Our brief respite was cut short when we interrupted a few undesirables from harassing a Rodian woman. We managed to defuse the situation without running up a repair bill at the Drunken Bantha, and for that I’m quite thankful. We managed to get a little more information on the bounty, and were rewarded with a few stims. Somehow, I almost left the stims on the table, I really need to pay more attention.

While our delivery skills are adequate, we really need to work on our subtly. Our clumsy questioning attracted a bit too much attention from the locals. And as luck would have it, we ran into that fine group of individuals that were harassing the Rodian in the bar, though they weren’t very happy to see us. A firefight broke, during which I was little more than a target. And at the one point when Zek needed a quick stimulant during the battle, I probably did some of the worst medical administrations under pressure than I had in a long time. Fortunately, my companions’ combat skill was much better than my medical skills while under pressure, and we managed to resolve the conflict. Zek in particular resolved the situation with his immediate adversary in a most gruesome manner. I’m grateful he’s working with us.

One of our foes managed to limp away, though this is probably a bit of good fortune. I trust we can follow his path and perhaps have a chance to collect on the bounty, though I expect this information has come at the cost of us having any kind chance at catching them off-guard. After patching us up, and finally getting my hands on blaster, we’re ready to give pursuit.



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