Star Wars: Desperate Fringe


New friends, new opportunities

// check for encryption hash
if (security.scanPacket.give (#I want to know88) ==
then sys.lookup.check(88prime)
else set self destruct(true);
//access log file
set public (true);

Sometimes I don’t understand organics, but I try. After tracking a wounded thug (read.alt “Bandin_Dobah_Leuitenant”) to a warehouse, a brief firefight ensued, during which I exercised considerable tactical expertise (read.alt “hide_behind_rock_pile”). Our team performed surprisingly well, and Zechxis was delighted to take away from the deal with a new ranged weapon. There was much bandaging.

Upon investigating the building, we found no other resistance, but I did discover a R4 Astromech droid ( “R4-W4”) from which was being downloaded one of my favorite things: valuable information (read.alt “The_Maw_region_near_Kessel”). I also found a data pad to replace the one that I had lost during negotiations (read.alt “fleeing_in_terror”) on a job before joining this crew. Others in the group found two prisoners: a wookie ( “Grapirr”) and a human ( “Trevor_Reaves”; “Judge”). The latter proved to be the friend referenced by female Rodian we had encountered at The Drunken Bantha earlier that day.

They seemed both competent (set.parameter “Mandalorian tattoos” true) and friendly, so we freed both the prisoners and agreed to an impromptu deal: we would help Judge and Grapirr capture Bandin Dobah in exchange for 20% of the bounty.

Following Judge’s lead, we returned to The Luna Moth and piloted it to an asteroid belt where Bandin Dobah was hiding. After expertly disabling (read.alt “blowing_up”) an automated sentry and capturing an enemy combatant, we entered the main asteroid where Dobah’s ship and crew were hiding (set.parameter “aware of our presence” false). A small piloting error then occurred (set.parameter “aware of our presence” true), followed by another firefight. As I encode this, we are preparing to disable and/or board the enemy vessel.




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