Star Wars: Desperate Fringe


New Beginnings

EPISODE I: New Beginnings

It is a time of increasing desperation in the outer rim, but not without its’ opportunities. The once draconian Imperial Forces have withdrawn to the core civilized space, leaving behind only a few scarce garrisons and conducting infrequent patrols. The waning presence has left a power vacuum being filled by Hutts, organized criminal gangs and various militias. Without the aid of Imperial logistics and subsidies, medical centers shut down and disease, poverty and hunger affect large swaths of the region.

Small-scale turf war skirmishes between rival Hutt cartels and criminal gangs happen on a weekly basis, the body counts continuing to rise. Pirates and highwaymen litter and prey on popular space lanes. Better governed planets and communities organize standing militias, extremely wary of outsiders. Occasionally small oases of unspoken neutral ground emerge where a sense of normalcy can live for a few moments of time.

A small newly formed band of rogues using a stolen ship step forward into a new life to try and escape their pasts and thrive into the future.



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