It has been nearly 10 years since the State Execution of Jedi Masters Windu & Skywalker for the assassination of the Supreme Chancellor. A dark figure emerged from the conflict and turmoil within the Jedi Order to take command of the Clone Army and decisively end the reign of the Jedi council, capturing and killing most documented force users as enemies of the state. The Imperial High Command now runs all aspects of the government, under the direct control of this unknown dark leader.

Five years after the High Command took control of the Galaxy, the standing Clone army was deemed a threat to the stability of the galaxy and decommissioned. Large numbers of Rogue Clones have scattered throughout the galaxy to hide, flee or even in some cases fight back. It appears that others have been stricken or driven to madness.

Due to the threat of rogue Clones, Jedi and even remaining separatists the High Command has closed off all corridors into and out of the Core worlds, with few exceptions. Life on the Fringe has become even more desperate.

Episode I: New Beginnings

Star Wars: Desperate Fringe