Sealow the Hutt

Up & coming Hutt Gangster


Smaller than the average Hutt but even heavier, Sealow is darker pigment than most Hutts.


Sealow is an up and coming Hutt of the Besadii clan. When the Imperials started abandoning the Outer Rim, he was quick to grab up valuable assets and flip them to the highest bidder. His holdings are consolidated and well protected. Compared to other Hutts his crew is fairly loyal and well respected. The only times he hires outsiders is for special projects or smaller jobs that are beneath his talented soldiers.

He has chosen to specialize in the lucrative drug trade but also enjoys fine entertainment. He has been working to establish a larger presence in the glitterspice trade in particular.

It is said that he has a big sense of humor for a Hutt and also enjoys practical jokes at his workers expense.

Sealow the Hutt

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