Quintus Lepidus

Human, age 36, comrade of Lucius. Usually of pleasant demeanor and quick with a smile.


Quintus is a close friend of Lucius who partook in many of the outreach medical mission Lucius was a part of. For a short time, Quintus was Lucius’ medical apprentice, but Quintus’ interests eventually turned to politics and government. His quick wit and disarming smile made him well suited for his new career path. Despite his changing interests, Quintus continued to travel with Lucius on medical missions, both to help out and to further his political ambitions.

Quintus often took a more supervising and organizational role, and was an important check to Lucius’ sometimes overly idealistic inclinations. Along with Lucius, Quintus was taken captive by Major Sallo Eriston and forced into imperial service. When Major Eriston was reassigned to a more prestigious position, Lucius and Quintus were left elsewhere in the Imperial organization. Lucius was left to serve as a doctor at a medical facility. Quintus was left to parts unknown.

Quintus Lepidus

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