Major Sallo Eriston

Human, age 38, skilled bureaucrat in the Imperial machine


Major Sallo Eriston has never been much for ideology. Instead, he is more concerned with positioning himself in as many imperial processes as possible. He learned early in his imperial career that the bureaucracy held much of the power in the Empire, and in keeping himself heavily involved in that bureaucracy meant job security and quick promotion.

While not a very personable man, Sallo is an extremely proficient at navigating the imperial bureaucracy. This includes both gaining access to the resources his job requires and creating obstacles for his career rivals.

During a routine patrol, Sallo happened upon a volunteer medical mission to a colony stricken my plague. With promises of re-supply, Sallo lured the leader of the mission, along with its chief physician, to his command center. After gathering more information about their respective skills, Sallo decided to draft them into the Imperial navy, ensuring the service of each man by threatening the life of the other.

Sallo’s contingent became a traveling, imperial medical provider. After gaining some renown, Sallo was promoted to a more prestigious position in the Empire. Having exhausted their use, Sallo dropped off his two “volunteers” (Quintus and Lucius) at separate imperial outposts, earning himself a few favors he was sure he could cash in on at a later date.

Major Sallo Eriston

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